Friday, March 25, 2016

Modern Apartment Interior Design of Eno Getiashvili’s

There are many Modern Apartment Interior Design out there, but I am not sure whether they can match the design that was made by Eno Getiashvili’s. I saw the design made by him on a certain apartment in Ukraine’s Odessa, and I was astonished. It was truly a masterpiece that is worth to be admired by many. Not many modern apartment interior design ideas can capture my heart, but this one did.Masterpiece of Modern Apartment Interior Design in Ukraine

I did not expect such great Modern Apartment Interior Design by Eno Getiashvili. Getiashvili managed to fuse modern style with a bunch of colors, creating a modern apartment that is relaxing and stylish at the same time. This can be seen from the furniture that is decked with colors such as neon pink, deep purple, and colors like that. Even the cabinets are painted in sky blue. With such colors, the apartment feels fun and enchanting.Of course, the modern apartment interior design does not focus on color only but also unique furniture that makes the apartment futuristic. I mean, just look at the chandelier that is in the shape of silver balls. Is not that unique? Small glass pots that are filled with mini green sand can also be seen decking some part of the house. To make it even better, some parts of the apartment is installed with unique wallpapers where there are writings in white on the black wallpaper. Not only this apartment is colorful, but it is also unique at the same time.Great Combination in Modern Apartment Interior Design

I have to take off my hat for Eno Getiashvili for creating such creative design that cannot be seen easily in modern home design ideas out there in this world. He combines the fun aspect of bright colors with unique furniture, creating a good-looking apartment that is pleasant to the eyes. No wonder the Modern Apartment Interior Design by Eno Getiashvili is admired by many people in this world!

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