Friday, March 25, 2016

Living Room with Dark Hardwood Floors Decorating Ideas

Some people feel scary when installing dark color to their interior, but you need to know that dark color provide elegant, strong and wonderful looks especially when applying it in your living room. Remember, living room is not only for your family but for friends and guests. Therefore, you need strong and durable floors in this high-traffic area as well as decorative to provide comfortable feeling. Then, how to decorating living room with dark hardwood floors? currently, there are many tutorial and inspirations out there that you can follow. You will find a variety of ways how to complement or contrast dark hardwood flooring with the overall living room interior designs as what you want.

When installing dark hardwood flooring for living room, there are some aspects that you need to consider such as the color selection of wall, furniture and lighting. Light-colored wall will be great contrast with dark floors and provide two visual focal point in you living room and dark wall will blend better with the floors but will look cramped if you don’t have large living room. Also consider the furniture color because they are located on the top of the floor, dark hardwood flooring will be great look if you combine with the right furniture color. Therefore, before you are going to purchase any furniture, make sure that it will great match with the rest of living room interior.

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